6.2.1. Virtuoso Conductor Administration

The Main Navigation Bar provides different tabs that allow you to administrate your Virtuoso server or use one of the provided samples.

Figure 6.1. Navigation


From "System Admin" you can view and change the Conductor Dashboard, manage user accounts; scheduler; Virtuoso Server parameter and Access Control Settings. You can also install /upgrade /uninstall Virtuoso packages and Monitor Virtuoso Server Statistics.

Figure 6.2. System Administration

System Administration

From "Database" you can administrate your database, manage the Virtuoso Relational Database System, administrate views, tables, stored procedures, trigger definitions, user define types, backups.

Figure 6.3. Database Administration

Database Administration

From "Replication" you can create Snapshot Replications to copy sections of the Database to remote locations or use Transactional Replication to keep Virtuoso Servers in sync over a definable interval.

Figure 6.4. Replication


From "Web Application Server" you can configure Virtuoso's WebDAV, and HTTP Server functionality, which includes management of Virtual Domains & Directories.

Figure 6.5. Web Application Server Administration

Web Application Server Administration

From "XML" you can query Relational and XML Data using SQL, XQUERY, XPATH, and FREE TEXT.

Figure 6.6. Query Tools

Query Tools

From "Web Services" you can add/ edit/ remove Web Services Endpoints, perform WSDL Import/Export, manage your BPEL processes.

Figure 6.7. Web Services

Web Services

From "Linked Data" tab you can execute/save/load SPARQL queries, add/edit RDF Mapping, make statistics, manage graphs, import schemas and define namespaces, generated Linked Data Views, upload to the Quad Store:

Figure 6.8. RDF


Virtuoso's NNTP support which includes linking third-party NNTP servers into Virtuoso and controlling access to these servers.

Figure 6.9. NNTP Administration

NNTP Administration