2.4.5.Post Installation

Post-Installation Sanity Check

A quick way to check that the database is running, is to point a browser to the http port. The following example URLs will show the System Manager for the default, and the demo Virtuoso databases:


Troubleshooting DB Startup Failures

Install failure

Check the .log file in oplmgr (License Manager) location: /Library/Application Support/openlink/bin/ , which is for the database and log files etc. in order to review the installed files binaries and databases (defaults) for issues if install fails.

Figure2.52.The .log file

The .log file

.lck existance

Check .log in case of .lck issue

Delete the .lck file and repeat the steps from above.

.trx incompatiblity issue

Check .log in case of .trx incompatiblity issue

oplmgr issue

To stop, start, or reload (which updates licenses) use the following commands:

/Library/Application Support/openlink/bin/oplmgr +start | +stop | +reload

Figure2.53.The .log file

The .log file