16.5.11. RDF Metadata Maintenance and Recovery

This section refers to checking and backing up Linked Data View and storage declarations only. The checks and backup/restore do not affect physical quads, relational schema or tables or data therein. For general backup and restore, see server administration. To detect and fix automatically most popular sorts of RDF metadata corruption use DB.DBA.RDF_AUDIT_METADATA . It is also possible to backup RDF data by DB.DBA.RDF_BACKUP_METADATA and restore the saved state later by using DB.DBA.RDF_RESTORE_METADATA . It is convenient to make a backup before any modification of quad storages, quad map patterns or IRI classes, especially during debugging new Linked Data Views.

[Note] Note

In SQL, adding a new view can not break anything. This is because SQL lacks the ability of querying "everything" so data sources are always specified. This is not true for SPARQL, so please treat any metadata manipulation as potentially destructive operation. If an RDF storage is supposed to be used by more than one application then these applications should be tested together, not one after other, and they should be installed/upgraded on live database in the very same order as they were installed/upgraded on instrumental machine during testing. Always remember that these applications share RDF tables so they may interfere.