15.8.XQuery 1.0 Support

The Virtuoso Server provides support for the XQuery 1.0 XML Query Language specification. This specification is currently in the working draft stage at the W3C XML Query Working Group working in collaboration with the W3C XSL Working Group. Both the syntax and semantics of XQuery will probably vary from version to version.

In addition to the XQuery 1.0 standard, which describes the language, the XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Functions and Operators Version 1.0 specification describes a set of built-in functions. As with all W3C in-progress efforts, there is a list of open issues detailing problems and unresolved areas; where these affect Virtuoso's implementation, they are noted below.

This chapter is not an XQuery textbook and does not replace XQuery-related specifications of W3C. Only Virtuoso-specific extensions and differences are described here.

The most important deviation from the standard is that Virtuoso does not provide full type information about data values. As a consequence, "typeswitch" and automatic type conversions are not implemented.