15.7.4. XML Schema Functions

The Virtuoso interface to XML Schema is represented primarily by two functions:


The signature of the function xml_validate_schema() is the same as the function xml_validate_dtd() . It parses and validates an XML document. The root element of the document must contain the "schemaLocation" attribute with the value of the document's URI.

As described above, the XML Schema Processor implemented within Virtuoso relies on the XML Schema DTD, which is composed of two files: "XMLSchema.dtd" and "datatypes.dtd." These files must be placed in the system directory (see xml_add_system_path() ).

The following XML Schema items are not fully implemented:

facets support is primitive;
you may only derive by restriction from the "anyType" type;
enumerations are not supported;
the "all" particle is not supported;
elements may not be defined within an element model group declaration;
unions are not supported;
"appinfo," "documentation," "list," and "notation" tags are ignored.

Virtuoso does not cache XML Schema documents; they are completely reprocessed every time the document is loaded.