8.5.Linking OpenLink DB Agents

8.5.1.General Linking Approach

To relink Progress database Agents, see the next section.

It is sometimes necessary to link or re-link your OpenLink database agents when one of the following situations arise:

  • No database agent executable was supplied with the OpenLink server components installed on your OpenLink server machine

  • A database agent executable file exists but is unable to converse with your database server due to version incompatibility

OpenLink provides a database agent relink script for each supported database engine, this script is named using the following convention:

  • ld - indicates a link script

  • XXX - first three letters (perhaps 4) of database name

  • NN - major and perhaps minor release number

  • mv - If the agent is multhreaded

Examples: ldora81mv is Oracle 8i mulithreaded agent. ldoig2 is for Ingres II.

Relink Steps

  1. Move to the "lib" sub-directory of your OpenLink server components installation directory e.g: "/usr/openlink/lib"

  2. Setup key OpenLink link script environment variables which create a reference to key database environment variables required for making a native connections to your database engine:


    You can also opt to manually configure these values in the "dbpaths" file situated in the same directory as your database agent link script.

  3. Ensure that the "lib" subdirectory that your are working within is also part of your system PATH, if this isn't the case add this directory to the system PATH.

  4. Run the appropriate link script (ldXXXNN) which will attempt to build a new database agent (XXX_sv or XXX_mv). Once the relink process is completed the new database agent executable is placed in the "bin" subdirectory directory of your OpenLink server components installation using. The new database agent binary will be named accordingly using the "XXX_sv" or "XXX_mv" database agent naming convention.

8.5.2.Relinking Progress Agents

The files described below should all be part of current agent installations.

We have attempted to provide a set of generic link scripts for the versions of Progress we support, to enable you to relink if necessary.

Please note that to relink against Progress 6 you require a HLI/C license from Progress in order to do so. For Progress 7, 8, 9 this is not required.

Remember to back up OpenLink files before you begin.

Follow the instructions below to relink an OpenLink Progress Database agent:

  1. Change directory to the 'openlink/lib' directory.

  2. Ensure the Progress environment variable DLC is set correctly.

  3. Set the Progress PROLOAD environment variable to $DLC/probuild.

  4. Run the 'mkdlcX' script which will produce a file called 'dlcX.o', where X represent Progress version 6, 7, 8, 9 depending on the major version number of your Progress installation.

  5. If you receive an error stating that any of the Progress libraries cannot be found, edit the "mkdlcX" script and then remove the reference to the named file. Then rerun it "mkdlcX".

  6. Run the script 'ldproX' which will build a new OpenLink Progress X agent (proX_sv or proX_mv), and place it directly in the 'openlink/bin' directory.

[Note] Note:

Relinking is only necessary if you are running a different version of Progress to the one used for linking the agents provided

[Note] Note:

If you cannot find the files described above with your installation then you may have an older version of the software. Please contact OpenLink Support for assistance at: http://www.openlinksw.com/support/suppindx.htm .