REPL_INIT_COPY — create initial subscription state


REPL_INIT_COPY ( in server_name varchar ,
in publication varchar ,
in errors_mode integer );


This function is called on the subscriber to copy the current state of the elements of the publication from the publishing server. Copied data can include DAV collections, tables, procedures etc. Syncing the subscription using repl_sync will synchronize the subscription once it has been initialized with this function. The state copied corresponds to the state of the published data as of the last checkpoint completed on the publisher.



target publisher server name.


publication account name.


Important: this parameter is valid only for SQL replication data (tables and WebDAV). When set to 1, in case of errors as result of the replication copy, these errors are return in vector; When set to 0, in case of error, this error is return and the replication copying is stopped.


Example24.321.Loading of the initial data on subscriber

This shows setting on-line of the initial state of the subscription to 'demo_publication' from server 'demo-srv'. The data for items will be transferred thru the VDB connection. Note that on large publications this can take a lot of time.

SQL> DB.DBA.REPL_INIT_COPY ('demo-srv', 'demo_publication', 1);