repl_sync — starts the syncing process against an existing subscription


repl_sync ( in publisher varchar ,
in publication varchar ,
in uid varchar ,
in password varchar );


This starts the syncing process against an existing subscription. The function returns as soon as the request has been successfully sent. The synchronization will take place in the background. If the syncing process is already underway or if the subscriber is already in sync and connected to the publisher this function has no effect. If there is no connection to the publisher at the time of calling this function and the connection fails and an error is immediately signalled. To initiate a synchronization a valid SQL account must be specified. Also the account must have rights to the publication unless publisher DBA's account is used to connect.



The server name of the publisher.


The name assigned to the publication.


SQL account with rights to the publication, or publishers DBA account credentials will be required.


SQL account password.


Example24.334.Synchronizing a subscription

The following shows requesting a sync from publisher for an existing subscription. The account for authentication is a 'repl_user' SQL account.

SQL> repl_sync ('demo-srv', 'demo-publication', 'repl_user', 'repl_passwd');