REPL_PUB_ADD — add item to a publication


REPL_PUB_ADD ( in publication varchar ,
in item varchar ,
in type integer ,
in mode integer ,
in procedure_replication_options integer );


This function is used to add items to a pre-existing publication and to set replication options for the published items. Operations concerning the added item will henceforth be logged into the publication's log. Performing this operation will copy the item and optionally its definition to existing subscribers.



publication account name.


dependent on type should be:

Valid WebDAV collection full path in local repository.
Fully qualified table name.
Fully qualified Virtuoso/PL procedure name.


type of item, can accept following types:

1 - item is a WebDAV collection.
2 - item is a database table.
3 - item is a Virtuoso/PL procedure.


mode of remote copy:

0 - if publication is removed leave remote copy (on subscribers).
1 - if publication is removed drop remote copy (on subscribers).


valid only in case of Virtuoso/PL procedure:

1 - published procedure calls.
2 - published procedure definition.
3 - published both calls and definition.


Example24.324.Adding a table to the publication

This is to add a table Demo.demo.Orders (available in the demo DataBase) to the an existing publication named table_publication. The default flag for removal when publication is dropped is set to off. The parameter mode is NULL as it has effect only for procedures.

SQL> DB.DBA.REPL_PUB_ADD ('table_publication', 'Demo.demo.Orders', 2, 0, NULL);