repl_new_log — create new publication log


repl_new_log ( in publication varchar ,
in file varchar );


This function switches to a new file for logging data for the publication. If the file is NULL a new file name will be generated based on the previous file name by appending or replacing a datetime field in the file name.



publication account name.


name of file to be used for publication's transactions logging, if size exceed 1Mb limit a new file suffixed with timestamp will be opened.


Example24.322.Opening a new replication log

This command can be issued on the publisher server to swith replication logging to the new file 'new_log_file_name.log'. In practice we make a publication with REPL_PUBLISH() and it opens the replication log file, so this is for maintenance only. Furthermore the replication server will switch to a new log suffixed with timestamp when current file is greater than 1,000,000 bytes.

SQL> repl_new_log ('demo-publication', 'new_log_file_name.log');