repl_server_rename — rename the publishing server instance


repl_server_rename ( in old_name varchar ,
in new_name varchar );


This function is useful to rename the publishing servers data (that stored in to the replication tables) after renaming the server in virtuoso.ini file. The call of the procedure will associate the all data belong to the old server name to the current server name. It will also set the appropriate transaction levels. In case of duplicate publications (publications with the same name exists in old and new server definitions) it will reject the operation.



The old name of the publishing server.


The new name of the publishing server (must be the same as ServerName from Replication section of INI file).


Example24.330.Renaming of the existing publisher server

An existing publisher 'demo-pub' server is renamed to the 'working-pub'. In order to update the subscriber descriptions we MUST issue the following:

SQL> DB.DBA.REPL_SERVER_RENAME ('demo-pub', 'working-pub');