3.1.2.Post-Installation Sanity Check

Verify by ISQL

Verify usability of your Virtuoso server by executing the following command from your command line prompt:


From the ISQL prompt enter the following SQL command:

select * from DB.DBA.SYS_USERS;

This should produce a resultset containing one record if everything has been implemented correctly to this point.

Figure3.1.ISQL in Telnet

ISQL in Telnet

Verify by HTTP

A quick way to check that the database is running, is to point a browser to the http port. The following example URLs will show the System Manager for the default, and the demo Virtuoso databases:


On a Windows Client there is a shortcut to the OpenLink Virtuoso Conductor in the OpenLink Virtuoso program group.

You will be presented with the OpenLink Virtuoso Conductor screen:

Figure3.2.Virtuoso Conductor

Virtuoso Conductor

Verify by web based SQL query

Click on the Conductor link to enter the Virtuoso Server Administration Conductor Interface. You will be presented with a login form, type in the correct details for the database DBA user, by default this is username=dba; password=dba.

Figure3.3.Virtuoso Conductor - Login Form

Virtuoso Conductor - Login Form

Got to tab "Database" and then go to tab "Interactive SQL".

Figure3.4.Virtuoso Conductor - Interactive SQL

Virtuoso Conductor - Interactive SQL

Enter the SQL Statement command "SELECT * FROM SYS_USERS" in the SQL Statement text area. Note that only valid SQL can be supplied, so you cannot type a database command such as "tables;". Also, note that the ";" is not valid in this context. Press Execute .

You should see the SQL results, as shown below.

Figure3.5.Virtuoso Conductor - SQL Results

Virtuoso Conductor - SQL Results