7.1.1. Introduction

Virtuoso includes an ADO.NET 2.x & 3.x data providers compatible with Visual Studio 2008 and Entity Frameworks, that provides access to native Virtuoso data (SQL, XML, and RDF) in addition to any Virtuoso Linked Tables from external ODBC and JDBC accessible data sources. Known-compatible external data sources include Oracle (versions 7.x to 11.x) , Microsoft SQL Server (6.x to 2005) , IBM DB2 , Sybase (4.2 to 15.x) , IBM Informix (5.x to 11.x) , Ingres (6.4 to 9.x) , Progress (7.x to 10.x) , MySQL , PostgreSQL and Firebird .


This provider equips Microsoft .NET based applications, development environments, and programming languages with conceptual entity-based access to native and heterogeneous data sources.


  • ADO.NET 3.5 compliance

  • .NET Entity Frameworks compatibility

  • Full integration with Visual Studio 2008

  • ADO.NET Data Services compatibility

  • LINQ to Entities compatibility

  • High-Performance & Scalability

  • High Security

  • Support for Native and 3rd party ODBC and JDBC accessible RDBMS engines and Web Services

  • Tested against all major .NET applications and development environments

  • Support for Microsoft Siliverlight versions 2 and 3

  • Support for .Net RIA Services